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Patterns of happiness

If you feel artistic, you'll flip for this colouring motive dedicated to one of the most outstanding artists in history. It's a great choice for creative’s, since each pattern is activating the own artistic energy.  Learn how to express symbols of happiness in your work through Van Goghs Sunflowers. Experience one of the most popular motives. Follow Vincent into a rare period of excited optimism.

Download and Colour this motive. As an approach, you can choose between just a Colouring PDF OR a Supported PDF Version with 30 min. online coaching. Let´s talk and enjoy your art.
After the secure PayPal payment, you will be immediately redirected through PayPal to the printable PDF. Should you not be satisfied with your outcome, you have a 100% money-back guarantee. Enjoy!
Colouring PDF
Please do not send or post the PDF that you will receive to others for free.
To support culture every cent counts. We are keeping up a free nuARtis program for less fortunate artist like van Gogh was, so please consider this a solution. Just contact us. If you can, please donate to support this program on Patreon.
Enjoy your artistic work!
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