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You are an Artist, Teacher or Art Lover?
Let´s bring together more culture into this world.
Just imagine the art without creative collaboration...
Just imagine a future without culture...

Let's work together! Turn your creativity into a legacy with our unique collaboration program! We serve you with a unique system that will boost your culture, reputation and the profit. We provide all management, logistics and marketing to support your cultural contribution.
The artistic world needs YOU! The more people spreading the values of art and culture the greater the chance for a civilized future.
When you have devoted your life to art and want to spread cultural values we provide a ready-made franchise system.
This is your advantage to start immediately with your own Louvre art business.

Is your culture ready for the next step?

Just use the form and get in contact with us.

After filling out the application, we will find out if we are a match and can start with the approval process to get you on the way to your own cultural venture.

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 teacher school
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 cultural event planner others (please describe below)
 passionate amateur is a free independent educational institution dedicated to art with the purpose of promoting culture and education.
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