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 Van Gogh
Every Saturday at 5 pm continental time
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Gauguin is more than his celebrated achievements. This lesson is an invitation for artists to experience this fascinating artist, which achieved one of greatest European art - Gauguin the man with many facets, the artistic genius, the painter. This step by step approach is directed to Gauguin's later work in the Caribbean, where he produced some of his most memorable artworks. But to understand his work, one has to experience his art and also to understand how Gauguin was putting his paintings together. Get a free step by step PDF HERE.
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Our personalized approach to art coaching, combined with more than 20 years of coaching experience, sets us apart from other academies and provides you with the individualized attention you need. Together you will create a artistic vision for where you want to be in art and in life. Together we will develop specific system to get you there and develop your artistic skills along the way.

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