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Edouard Manet, Gypsy

Edouard Manet Gypsy is one of the most outstanding paintings of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Your artistic journey to drawing and painting this masterpiece begins here. All its needs is your desire to express yourself and achieve beauty. Join me on special programs to master your art in the quickest and most efficient way possible. You will be astonish what you can achieve.

Picasso Landscape
Landscape painting is rare in Picasso’s art. Discover how to contemplate the beauty of nature that was to indulge in a hedonistic, pagan, and heretical act in Spanish art. Learn to picture the land as lush and inviting, as a setting for sacred artistic events. Discover how Picasso used landscape as model for mystical and visionary approach to art and not only to express the intellectual content. Experience the beginning of Picasso's cubism style with choppy shapes and collages or synthetic forms.

The Starry Night

This lesson has what you need to know to start van Gogh´s starry night today. With just the necessary theory, it contains practical explanations, so you can start right away with your brushes and get your own starry night in no time. It will surprise you that you are capable to do and what van Gogh has achieved. I´s a how to draw, make a ink graphic and paint guide of this masterpiece.

Temple of Venus
Join Gauguin with Vincent Van Gogh in Arles. Discover the avenues of cypresses and the empty sarcophagi, which gave this motive a melancholic air despite the power of colors. Learn how Gauguin ironically dubbed in his painting this landscape into the expression of Three Graces the Temple of Venus. Master to juxtaposed masses and hatching that are characteristic of Gauguin's synthetism. Explore the brushstrokes (copied from Cézanne) that allowed Gauguin to transcribe the design without imitating the real world. Compare your finished work with the tormented contemporary compositions that Van Gogh painted of the place.

Cézannes harmony parallel to nature
Find out why Cezanne was unsatisfied with the Impressionist dictum and sought to make his artistic practice a new kind of analytical art discipline. Discover how in his art the canvas itself takes on the role as a screen of reality. Learn how an artist's visual sensations can directly be expressed. Experience landscape as no mere copy, but as what Cézanne called "a harmony parallel to nature." Master Cézanne's analytical time-based practice that led to Cubists and will revolutionize your art.  
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